Sixxon provides its customers with a bonded warehouse and safety stock warehouse occupying a total area of 1,650 m².

With the “AEOC” certificate for customs simplification, we as an “Authorized Economic Operator” put the associated advantages at the service of our customers. As an excellent logistics company, we are a guarantee of security, creditworthiness, data protection and quality.

Bonded warehouse

As part of our bonded warehouse service, we offer the following:

  • Storage of your duty-unpaid goods in our bonded warehouse
  • Inventory management of your duty-unpaid parts
  • Picking, counting and packing in compliance with call-off orders/delivery schedules
  • Customs clearance of your goods
  • Collection and delivery of your duty-paid parts to your customers in accordance with delivery schedules

Advantages of a bonded warehouse

  • Reduction in duties and fees
    Within our modern-day customs system, bonded warehouse processes under EU customs law fulfil an important role: they enable imported goods to be stored without the payment of import duties.
  • Financing and cash-flow effects
    When you take advantage of a bonded warehouse procedure, import duties typically only become payable at the point when the goods are removed from the warehouse:
    • By postponing the payment of import duties until the point when goods are removed from the warehouse and released into free circulation, you benefit from a financing effect.
    • You also enjoy a cash-flow advantage, because the money remains available for your organisation to use during the interim period.

Safety stock warehouse

In addition to our bonded warehouse, we offer the following services from our safety stock warehouse:

  • Safety stocks of 1 to 2 months’ worth of parts
  • Repacking of your parts in customer-specific packaging
  • Daily deliveries
  • Rust monitoring and rust protection
  • Quality inspections by agreement
  • Interface for customer-specific issues such as complaints, air freight, packaging specifications, etc.

Your advantages

  • Reduced need for storage capacity at your premises
  • “Just-in-time” delivery to your customers
  • We take care of all formalities
  • Cost savings through large import quantities

Complaint processing and quality inspection

In close cooperation with the local quality inspection company QP-GmbH, we take over the processing of complaints and quality inspection for our customers. A concept that we have been successfully pursuing for years.

We act according to the specifications of suppliers and customers in order to achieve the optimal, fastest possible effect and to ensure an uninterrupted flow of goods.

Processing of import transactions

We take over the import procedure of your regularly imports after clarifying all details.

Our supply chain

Areas of responsibility covered by Sixxon

Bonded warehouse

Safety stock facility

Import and customs clearance without interim storage

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