About us

As a service provider, we import finished metal parts from Asia for reputable German automotive clients. We also take care of quality checks, parts storage, repacking and just-in-time delivery.

To enable us to accomplish this, we operate a constantly expanding safety stock warehouse and a bonded warehouse in the south German location of Laupheim.

Social engagement is an integral part of our company philosophy.
We work with a local workshop for disabled people, providing them with apprenticeship and employment opportunities.


Founded January, 2007
Investment2,4 Mio. Euro
Warehouse stock
6 Mio. Euro

Our warehouses

After the completion of our new warehouse, our customers now have around 1,000 modern storage spaces available on shelves or on floor space. In order to be able to load and unload the trucks more quickly, we now also have a corresponding truck lock. This is supported by a new, modern warehouse management system.

Our contribution to sustainability

During construction, great importance was attached to sustainability. This starts with appropriate insulation via a gas heating system in which only BIO gas is burned. As well as lighting based on the latest LED technology. To save electricity, a generously sized light strip has been integrated into the ceiling.

We would be glad to support you in matters of goods storage in our house.


Reinhold Gehring
Managing Director
+49 73 92/93 86 90-10

Katja Wiedersatz
Assistant to the management
+49 73 92/93 86 90-10

Ana Stan
+49 73 92/93 86 90-0

Andrea Filippopoulos
+49 73 92/93 86 90-14

Thorsten Messerschmidt
Warehouse Management
+49 73 92/93 86 90-15